Blog Entry #1: Stefany Sigler - MLS 590 Introduction

Hello All!

My name is Stefany and this is my last term in the MLD program!  Only 77 more days to go, woohoo!!!

I started my college education at Joliet Junior College, where I received my Associate of Arts in 2013.  Then I received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Governors State University in 2015.  My concentration in the MLD program is Higher Education Leadership and I currently serve as the Graduate Assistant for the Dyson Wellness Center here at NCC.  I coordinate the health education and violence prevention events on campus (like Dyson Dog Days) and supervise our Peer Health Educators.

I have held progressively responsible positions in Student Affairs since I was an undergraduate, which have each helped me to realize my passion for working with college students.  Over spring break, I attended a huge higher education hiring event in San Antonio and interviewed with 6 colleges from around the country for positions like Residence Hall Director, Coordinator for Programming and Diversity Initiatives, and more.  Hopefully I will have a few offers to choose from by the time I graduate in June.

My interests (intellectual and otherwise) include equity and inclusion, feminism, and traveling with my partner, Matt, who is an Elvis impersonator (he's world class, if I might add!  Life is good! ☺


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