Blog Entry #15: A Change of Heart

It may sound like it’s incredibly late in the game to have a change of heart about my topic for the feature article, but sometimes we just have to do what feels right!

I was originally planning to study and write about free public higher education in the United States, which is something that I believe is very relevant to all of us as college students, but especially so to myself, as I plan to make my career in higher education.  Professor Macek was really supportive of this topic and offered my some really great advice as far as sources of information and contact information for people to interview for the article.  However, at this point, I don’t feel that I have enough time to do that topic the justice it deserves.  That may have been a more appropriate choice for a capstone project where I could give it my full attention and dedicate 10 weeks’ worth of effort to it.

Also, as I was researching, I found that my passion for that topic just wasn’t there.  At least, not compared to another topic on which I had already touched in one of my op-eds: transgender bathroom rights.

I felt this was a topic I could definitely weave into a feature article and connect it to my passion for higher education, which makes it twice as meaningful to me.

With the North Carolina Bathroom Bill (HB 2) and the connection of other alike bathroom bills to the Title IX statute on college campuses, I have plenty of substantial law to discuss.  Plus, I know a couple of gender nonconforming students on campus who would be willing to do interviews with me on this topic, so I can give the feature a more personal feel.

I plan to discuss Title IX and HB 2, cover a brief history of transgenderism in the United States, and discuss how Student Affairs Administrators (as I one day hope to be) can best support transgendered students on campus.  I feel much better about this topic already! :)


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